Lawn Installation; Seeding and Sodding Services

Whether you are installing a new lawn or existing lawn; seeding and sodding are ways to install a new lawn quickly. If you are building a home, let our highly trained staff handle the steps necessary to prepare your property for optimized lawn installation and growth. We can provide seeding or sodding service for your new lawn, we have the knowledge needed to get you a lush, green lawn. We can coordinate grading, power raking, proper soil content, any drainage issue and then select proper seed blend or sod type for your new lawn.

Landscape Design / Installation

Our designers consult with you to analyze your needs, provide options, and develop ideas and research products yielding a plan and proposal for your project. At Jay Landscaping, we balance cost with benefit, striving to achieve highest value for your investment. From the moment you contact us you will notice very quickly that our emphasis is placed on you-together we will create you “dream” landscaping plan. We look forward to working with you.

Crushed stone driveway installation

Call us today to receive an accurate, free estimate for your crushed stone driveway. We provide free consultations and free estimates. Our services are designed to save your time and money while ensuring that your project is completed. We consider customer satisfaction above all other elements; we provide the best services which make our customers extremely pleased with the work delivered.

Retaining wall

Are you thinking of having a retaining wall built on your property? Although landscaping retaining walls can dramatically improve the appearance of your property, it’s important to have the job done by skilled professionals. Retaining walls are necessity to counteract gravity and keep large amounts of soil in place. Garden retaining walls are particularly popular, can serve a variety of purposes, we can use blocks, boulders, wood timbers or other materials to help make your retaining wall look amazing. If you are looking to avoid soil erosion, even out a slope, or create a tiered look to your property, then our experts can design and build a Retaining Wall that suits your unique needs.

Spring and Fall Clean Up

We make sure that your property looks its best year-round and that your valuable landscaping survives and thrives throughout the seasons. Complete clean-up of your grounds, including the thatching of lawn areas, removal of all leaves, clean-out of flower beds & bushes and the disposal of all collected debris.

Drainage system and solutions

Having too much water in your yard can cause just as many problems as having too little. Even a small amount of rainfall can cause pooling in grass or landscape beds. In many cases, the grading of the soil around a home’s foundation is a common problem. If you’ve ever had water in your basement or found that certain spots in the basement are constantly damp this could be the cause. Re-grading your lawn or other areas of your property can be a simple and effective improvement to alleviate standing water and increase the functionality of your land.

Flower Installation

Through a series of thoughtful questions, we get a sense for your dream garden or landscape. We can create a garden, space or planting area to correspond to the lifestyle you have. If you are an empty nester with the desire to relax and meditate, or an active family needing room for the kids and dog, we can help you make it happen.

Pond Designs

Weather you are interested in installing your outdoor pond or require maintenance on existing one, that is where Jay Landscaping shine. We provide maintenance for your existing pond thru whole year. We also install and construct new one. Jay Landscaping work with you to design the outdoor pond of your dream, and provide you an estimate at no cost.

Shrub Trimming

After installation, trees and shrubs need proper maintenance and periodic trimming to keep them robust, healthy, and vibrant. Without this on-going care, they develop dead spots, bare limbs, and tend to only grow foliage on the outer most tips of the branches.

Your Opinion Matter