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Jay Landscaping has been providing professional landscape services to Utica and surrounding areas for over 10 years. At Jay Landscaping, we provide exceptional customer service along with leading quality workmanship. Our professional staff and superb attention to details have made us outstanding landscapers in the area and surroundings.

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About Jay Landscaping

As a family-owned and operated team of excavation contractors, we are always working to ensure that our customers are pleased with our services, whether we were hired for residential or commercial work. Our demolition services offer an array of excavation services, including pond excavation, retaining wall services, erosion control, brush clearing, grading services, and much more. At Jay Landscaping, we aren’t satisfied until you are. We aim to be your trusted demolition contractors for all of your excavation needs.

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Design and construct an outdoor living space that enhances your lifestyle.

We have a team of experienced, accredited landscape designers and project managers on staff. Our landscape enhancement programs are individually tailored to your needs. Our attention to detail respect for each client’s unique needs, exceptional service, quality products and courteous staff set us apart.

Pond Design

Our Landscaping Services

Grading Leveling

Grading and leveling are crucial for transforming raw land into functional sites for various constructions. Jay Landscaping specializes in these services, using advanced equipment and expertise to ensure precise and efficient results. Whether you're starting a new project or revitalizing an existing site, contact us at 315-520-5896 for our reliable services.

Landscape Design & Installation

Our designers consult with you to analyze your needs, provide options, and develop ideas and research products yielding a plan and proposal for your project. At Jay Landscaping, we balance cost with benefit, striving to achieve highest value for your investment. From the moment you contact us you will notice very quickly that our emphasis is placed on you-together we will create your “dream” landscaping plan. We look forward to working with you.

Retaining wall

Are you thinking of having a retaining wall built on your property? Although landscaping retaining walls can dramatically improve the appearance of your property, it’s important to have the job done by skilled professionals. Retaining walls are necessity to counteract gravity and keep large amounts of soil in place. Retaining walls are particularly popular, can serve a variety of purposes, we can use blocks, boulders, wood timbers or other materials to help make your retaining wall look amazing.

National Grid Gas Service Line Installer

National Grid Gas Service Line Installer

The installation must be performed by a qualified installer who successfully completed the course & meets all applicable qualifications in accordance with state & local requirements as established by National Grid.

Septic System Installation & Repair

Are you building a new home? Does your existing septic tank need to be replaced? If so, you are in the right location. We are equipped with knowledge, experience, and the most advanced equipment to handle any septic installation that you need. Whether it's a traditional or advanced engineered septic system, we can do it all.

Pond Excavation

Weather you are interested in installing your outdoor pond or require maintenance on existing one, that is where Jay Landscaping shine. We provide maintenance for your existing pond thru whole year. We also install and construct new one. Jay Landscaping work with you to design the outdoor pond of your dream, and provide you an estimate at no cost.


Fence Installation

It does not matter whether you have a farm, home, school or office, the installation of fences is very important. Jay landscaping provides quality workmanship & material to ensure the new fence stays beautiful year after year. Give us a call for free estimates & consultation.


Commercial Snow Removal

Snow removal is a vital service for commercial properties, ensuring safe access and operations during winter months. At Jay Landscaping, we specialize in efficient and reliable commercial snow removal, using advanced equipment and experienced personnel to keep your property clear and accessible.

Drainage system and solutions

Having too much water in your yard can cause just as many problems as having too little. Even a small amount of rainfall can cause pooling in grass or landscape beds. In many cases, the grading of the soil around a home’s foundation is a common problem. If you’ve ever had water in your basement or found that certain spots in the basement are constantly damp this could be the cause. Re-grading your lawn or other areas of your property can be a simple and effective improvement to alleviate standing water and increase the functionality of your land.

Crushed Stone & Gravel Driveway Installation

If you are considering a gravel driveway installation, Jay Landscaping is your go-to company. We specialize in both new installations and renewals, ensuring that your driveway looks brand new and continues to do so for years to come. Contact Jay Landscaping for all your driveway installation needs.

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